venerdì 5 luglio 2013

Radiation Green

I hope you have your hazmat suits ready, because this green is truly radioactive! And in those times of postapocalyptic fiction, who isn't ready for that?

Ok, that's enough sounding like a cheesy commercial. The green is deborah 45 Green Fluo. Seems like a normal green but under sunlight it shows all its neon-ness. I applied it over a white base, the black is Pupa 209.
I love this kind of fluo effect, and it makes me think of some weird chemical, especially those of James Bond villains and sci-fi videogames. Neon colors are also great for cyberpunk, so what else can you ask?

It's also good quality, I've been wearing it for 3 days without topcoat and there's only some minor tipwear.
I know this is neon season, and even if i can't stand those acrylic cheap fluo dresses, I think neon colors are great for subtle accessories (no, giant plastic necklaces don't count). The problem with neon colors is that it must be worn with extreme caution, because there's a fine line between "just a touch of neon" and the Rex Power Colt effect.

Remember, girls, unless you're leather-clad postapocalyptic survivors, hackers, street samurais, don't go full 80s. You never go full '80s.

Oh, still wondering who Rex Power Colt is? Look no further!

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