giovedì 11 dicembre 2014

Pupa Made To Last Foundation Review

Yes, yes, I know this is a nail polish blog. But make up matters too, so here's a few words about the new foundation by Pupa. I purchased it using the coupon, so it was just 10 euros instead of almost 20.
Surprise surprise, I got the lightest shade, 010, which really is light enough for me. A miracle, right?
Not only the shade is nearly identical to my skin color, but I have good things to say about this foundation as well. I am used to the idea of applying some setting powder afterwards to get some opacity and make everything last longer. If I didn't do this with the Maybelline Fit Me foundation, it didn't take much for my face to get, well, oily.
With this foundation, however, I can almost forget about it. I mean, immediately after applying it my face already looks mattified and in a natural way. The coverage is, I'd say, medium, and it does very well on the small imperfections of my skin.
It's also as long lasting as they promise, and it feels very lightweight, I almost forget I have anything on my face with it.
It can be applied with your fingers but I prefer to use a brush, like this.
What else can I say? It looks natural, it feels nice, it's the right color... I really have no complaints for now!

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