venerdì 19 luglio 2013

Matchpoint, Tribal Summer and Me & My Ice Cream

My sister was kind enough to phone me a week ago when she was in a Coin store, and for a good reasons: they had just put out the latest Catrice and Essence LEs and she asked me if I wanted something. Of course I did!

I remembered well that I wanted the shimmer pearls and the tip painters, then I added the lip balm because it seemed gorgeous. First impressions: the shimmer pearls smell like candy and the tiny box is so pretty, if I finish them I'm gonna keep it; the tip painters are going to be super useful, the lip balm also smells nicely and the color is very promising.

I'm not surprised Catrice went straight from Candy Shock to Matchpoint, but I really hope I find some Glamazona stuff, I definitely want the crocodile gold top coat and perhaps something else. Anyway, I'm so glad my sister found this stuff, especielly considering how many people wanted the shimmer pearls, I wasn't even hoping anymore to find them!

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