giovedì 25 dicembre 2014

Christmas nail art and gifts

Merry Christmas, everyone! I hope you had a nice day (whether you celebrate it or not)
I always love looking at what other people received so I'm showing off my gifts, because why not.
The bag is kinda like the Freitag bags, this one is made with old ads and recycled seat belts. All recycled! I really wanted something in that style so I'm really happy!
And the beauty case is a nice addition too, it's very big.
Aaand a close up of the Sugarpill makeup I received! I've been wanting this palette for so long! And finally a good matte yellow eyeshadow!
Aren't those the prettiest colors you've ever seen?! Look at that palette, seriously! It's all my favorite colors combined in one palette, I can't wait to try this!
And my Christmas nail art. I didn't want to use red, so I used Essence Colour 3 Midnight Date and Catrice Bronze Deco for a simple star-inspired nail art. Not a typical Christmas nail art but I really like it.

mercoledì 24 dicembre 2014

Christmas Dramatag: Make A Wish (or five)

Well, it's not to late, is it? Ok, maybe it is. But I really wanted to do this tag and show you 5 things I own and love and that, maybe, someone else will love...

Like a mug. They're beautiful object.. and seriously, look at my eeeveelutions mug. It's so pretty! And it has Vaporeon and Umbreon on the same side, whate else could I ask for?

And tea! This is a herbal tea they make in a bio-store close to where I live, and it has apples, almonds, cinnamon and everything you might need to get in a Christimas/winter spirit. And tea is always a good gift imho.
Something with Alphonse Mucha's artwork on it. I use this notebook for my writing ideas, and it has one of my favourite illustrations. It's so pretty, how can you not like it?

Books. Books are always something appreciated. And in case, there's always a gift card! Here I took pics of a couple of Shaun Tan books, a wonderful illustrator of dreamy, weird atmospheres and stories. Both were Christmas gifts..
Brushes! Whether one is a makeup newbie or a pro, you can never have enough brushes! The Neve Cosmetics ones are so pretty, I'd get all of them!

And that's all for this evening! Have a nice Christmas Eve and a nice Christmas tomorrow! Or whatever you celebrate ^_^

mercoledì 17 dicembre 2014

Revlon Wintermint

I always wanted to try those "scented" nail polishes by Revlon. And the cute bottles were a part, I'm going to admit it. However since I could never find them under 5 euros I always left them on the shelf with a sigh. After all, what if the quality isn't that great or the scent fades instantly?
But I found a Revlon store at the train station... who sold those for 2,90 euros. Now, that is what i call a good price.
I got only one because I wanted to test it, but I am probably getting more of them soon.
The one I got was Wintermint, a mint green (duh) with golden shimmer and blue microglitter. Even if it were scentless it would be nice in a collection, right?

I applied three thin coats of polish and no top coat, to see if the scent thing was real. Boy, it really was! My nails smelled of delicious mint and it was quite a strong scent! The thing I liked more was how relaxing the scent felt, it was really pleasing.
I've been wearing it for 3 days now, and not only it hasn't chipped, but if put my nails under my nose I can still smell the mint. Granted, it's not as strong as the first day, but it still feels nice.
Really satisfied about this, I can't wait to try some more, maybe Lime Basil.

domenica 14 dicembre 2014

Christmas gift ideas (under 15 €)

Boy, do I love Christmas. But everytime I find myself struggling to find the perfect gifts, and I keep finding things I'd love to receive instead. So I made a little list for you of makeup-related gifts. No, I haven't tried these products - but I'd love to. More than a personal wishlist, it's a list of suggestions, but maybe it's useful for you!

Lip Scrub Set (Kiko) - 11,90 €

Available in Cinnamon&Orange, Red Berries and Candy Canes. I can't resist things that smell nice and I am pretty sure I am not the only one or Yankee Candles would be out of businnes by now. A lip scrub and a lip balm duo can be a pretty useful gift since it's winter, and the packaging looks pretty cool.
Get it in Kiko stores or online.

Dancing til Dusk eye and face palette (Sleek) - 12.90 €

Ah, Sleek palettes are always a pleasure. This one contains eyeshadows, blushes, and two brushes. It would be a good gift for a person always on the move, even for a makeup newbie, since the price is affordable and Sleek quality is usually good.
Get it at Sephora (and on their website).

Travel Brush Set 9,90 (Sephora)

I've never tried those, but hell, a bunch of travel brushes never goes amiss. Sephora brushes are usually good (I've got one) and the price/amount of brushes ratio is honest.
Get it at Sephora.

Duo Nail Kit (Pupa) 9,90 €

I was very tempted to get this with my 20% discount at Sephora. Two polishes and a beautiful pochette? Considering the usual price of Pupa polishes, it's a bargain. And it looks very pretty!
Get it in various makeup stores.

Neve Cosmetics Mistero Barocco palette

I haven't written the price because it has disappeared from the Neve Cosmetics website, being out of stock.  But you can still find it in brick and mortar stores and here, if you're inclined. (Also, check out that website, there's a lot of great stuff).
I actually own this (review soon), and I can tell you the quality is reaaaal good. That pink makes a great blush, it's an awesome multitasking palette and you can't go wrong with it.

That's all for now!

giovedì 11 dicembre 2014

Pupa Made To Last Foundation Review

Yes, yes, I know this is a nail polish blog. But make up matters too, so here's a few words about the new foundation by Pupa. I purchased it using the coupon, so it was just 10 euros instead of almost 20.
Surprise surprise, I got the lightest shade, 010, which really is light enough for me. A miracle, right?
Not only the shade is nearly identical to my skin color, but I have good things to say about this foundation as well. I am used to the idea of applying some setting powder afterwards to get some opacity and make everything last longer. If I didn't do this with the Maybelline Fit Me foundation, it didn't take much for my face to get, well, oily.
With this foundation, however, I can almost forget about it. I mean, immediately after applying it my face already looks mattified and in a natural way. The coverage is, I'd say, medium, and it does very well on the small imperfections of my skin.
It's also as long lasting as they promise, and it feels very lightweight, I almost forget I have anything on my face with it.
It can be applied with your fingers but I prefer to use a brush, like this.
What else can I say? It looks natural, it feels nice, it's the right color... I really have no complaints for now!

mercoledì 3 dicembre 2014

Catrice Viennart LE 04 ARTful Red

blurry, but you can see the color nicely
This is the first nail polish review that I write in my new room! It feels weird and nice...
And today I show you ARTful Red, the result of a shopping afternoon and the lucky finding of an untouched Catrice display.
The color is a wonderful red (rosso mattone, diremmo noi), a brownish red with cold undertones. An extremely elegant color. It's a shimmery polish opaque in 2 coats, but here you can see three of them.


 As you can see, it would be a perfect color for Christmas (and a perfect gift too - it's what I call a mom friendly polish) and I think I will use it again for a Christmas mani.
The polish lasted a good 4 days without chipping, and it chipped because of something I did so if you're a bit more careful it'll last longer.
It's very shiny even without the Seche Vite.
So, do I recommend it? Yes, it's quite an unique color, I don't have many reds but this was quite a pleasant surprise and I'm very satisfied of my purchase.
Did you find this LE? Got anything?