giovedì 11 luglio 2013

Essence 02 Queen of My Cloud Castle- Fantasia LE

With the help of my sister, I managed to get the other polish of the Fantasia LE I found interesting. Basically, it's a shrimp/salmon/coral shade, lighter than Catrice's Pimp My Shrimp and with a pink shimmer.
The pink shimmer is far more visible under direct sunlight. To be fair, the polishes of this LE look very... weird together. As in, Queen of My Cloud Castle and Elves Like Liliac have a similar finish and quality, even if the shimmer in ELL is more visible. But Take a Ride on Pegasus is completely different, and from what I could see from the bottle, the nude one is just pearly. What a weird assortment.
Anyway, the quality is also better, compared to TaRoP, I've been wearing this for three days (no topcoat) and still no tipwear yet.

It's quite a girly and spring shade, but it's undoubtedly a funny polish to have.

Vote: A- (not a must have, but good quality overall. If the shimmer would have been more evident it would have been amazing)

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