An ever-growing list of polishes(and other beauty items) I can't afford/find/don't ship to Italy

Nail Polish:

A England: Beauty never fails, Tristam, She Walks in Beauty, Tess d'Urbervilles, Excalibur.

Dance Legend: Robots Vs Humans, Celia, Wazowski.

Hits:  Hera, Mari Moon MultiGirl Modern set

Layla: Coffee Love

NailsIT(indie): Companion Cube

Ninja Polish: Color Changing Garnet, Pacific Coral, Zultanite

OCC: Isherwood.

Make up:

Sugarpill Cosmetics: Heart Breaker Palette, Atomic loose eyeshadow trio, Supercharged & Hi-Viz neon pigment.

Urban Decay: Glide-On Pencil in Mainline, Delinquent, Desperation.

Manic Panic: Cross Gloss in Poison Ivy, Cyber palette

TheBalm: Mary Lou-Manizer.

Neve Cosmetics:  Mint Tapered, Teal Blending brushes, Illuminismo powder, Sakura Mochi lipstick, Urban Fairy blush.

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