mercoledì 10 luglio 2013

Kiko sales haul

I also have a nail polish related post to show you, don't worry... but since Kiko sales are great and things tend to disappear quickly, I thought a small review of my latest purchases was in order.

I bought the blush in 100 Marine Coral and the cream eyeshadow/eyeliner in 02 Sunset Coral. Corals everywhere! 

Let me start with the blush, because it's ironical that I love so much a blush part of a summer, tan-centered LE. I first saw this blush when the sales just started, and I liked it but wanted to think about it a little bit. Then I couldn't stop thinking about it, so I bought it.
 It's suprisingly soft and perfect for pale skins. It's a bit dusty, the first time I applied it with a brush I was kinda worried, but it doesn't affect the use. The colors seem very shiny and glittery but are very soft on the face, definitely not something exaggerate and I love this fact. You can use all the colors together or pick just one or two, the colors are big enough for you to choose just one. I use the two darker colors together then apply the lighter one to soften the effect and correct mistakes. The lighter shades makes also a great highlighter. I love the effect of this blush, it's soft, doll-like.
I've read reviews that depicted it as very easy to break, and I sadly think it's true. Not the packaging, but the product itself. I'd recommend care when travelling, besides that I'd say it's a must have.

Vote: A

From left to right: lightest shade, pink shade, peachy shade and the three blush shades mixed, eyeshadow.

As I was saying before, when Kiko stuff goes on sale and you're looking for something, you better search in different shops. A shop might have plenty of a product that's finished in other shops, and I saw this eyeshadow/eyeliner for the first time on monday, when I went there just for the blush. I tried it on my wrist, and so did my boyfriend... only to be horrified by how it spreaded and seemed impossible to remove, and acted like an astronaut who just touched an Alien egg. This eyeshadow really stays and stays and stays and really, you need a make up remover that's effective on waterproof products to remove it. The color is super pretty, a pink/golden duochrome... also, my first cream eyeshadow! I will probably use this mostly as eyeliner...mmh, I'll see. I haven't tried it on my eyes so I can't give it a vote.

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