venerdì 26 luglio 2013

Essence 01 Ben & Cherries- Me & My Ice Cream LE

I had almost lost all hope to find something from the Me & Ice Cream LE, since I could check the shop only weeks after the LE. Yet, there still were the eyeshadows and 2 polishes. I bought the one I already wanted, 01 Ben & Cherries. No, ok, let's be fair, I wanted the green and the orange one too, but this seemed the most interesting one.
The color is very pretty, but the application is a disaster. Yeah, it's greatly pigmented, more than a standard pastel polish, but it's so streaky! It would probably look better with a white base. Also the shimmer that was more visible in the bottle it's not so much visible on the nail...

Vote: A for the color, C for application.

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