lunedì 25 novembre 2013

Kiko Hair Shadow, first impressions/review

You might have noticed that Kiko introduced a new hair line. Well, more than introduced, I'd say made it silently appear in some shops (not in all, I'm told). It includes some hair treatment products... and hair color.

Believe me or not, I've been struggling for a blue hair dye for some days. I've always wanted either blue or acid green hair, and I was now fully ready to explore the new temporary hair dyes that are appearing on the market. L'Oreal has created a line too, which includes more colors, but is actually more expensive than the Kiko sets. With little more than 16 euros I got the color and the fixing spray.

The Pokeball-like sphere contains 9 grams of product. The other colors available are pink and violet.
My pick was, of course, blue. To apply it, you rub it onto your hair (I don't recommend using the fingers, you'll only stain your skin) until you're satisfied with the amount of product. Then you apply the fixing spray. I recommend you to do everything at least 30 minutes before leaving home, so it has time to dry and you can wear hats/elmets/whatever head covering you might need without ruining the color. Don't skip the fixing spray part.
In the color box there's a small instruction booklet, which recommends caution with white clothing (I guess this is for long-haired people) and rain (this counts for everybody). The lady in the shop said she had even slept with her hair dyed without leaving stains. It goes away simply by washing your hair with your regular shampoo.

I have learned I don't know how to take pics of my face. Also, excuse my skin.

This is how it looks immediately after application.

And this is how it looks after three hours, which includes going outside, covering my head, etc.

Final Verdict:  Generally, I like it. Surely, the lighter your hair the better, but for the price you pay I think it's a good product. If you want just to spice up a special evening/party, it might be fun.
Such a hair dye has many advantages: you can wear it daily and wash it off if you have an "official" day, and you decide how and how much you want to use it. I love to highlight the hair just above my ear, as you can see, which would look far more awesome if I wore earrings.
I can't wait to test it more, for now, my first impressions have been positive! Please, Kiko, do a green shade too!
What do you think? Do you see yourself with pink/blue/violet hair?

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  1. Oggesú li prenderei tutti. Se lo facessero verde potrei mischiare e creare un teal. *_* grazie per la recensione!!

    1. Di niente! Se ci fosse il verde andrei in giro coi capelli metà verde e metà blu, perchè sì. Ma anche il teal è un'idea fantastica...basta, DEVONO fare il verde, mi serve.