domenica 30 novembre 2014

Latest purchases

I can finally show you pictures! Yay! And what's better than showing you what I bought lately?
It's not properly a haul, since not everything was bought on the same shopping trip, but still...

The Catrice nail polish is 04 Artful Red, from the Viennart LE. I'm gonna try it this evening, so be ready for a review! The silver one of this LE was also promising, but I only got the red for now.
The foundation is Pupa Made To Last in Ivory (lightest shade) and I got it with the special 10 euros coupon (so I paid 10 euros something that costed almost 20, a real bargain) and I am absolutely loving it, it feels wonderful, lighweight despite the very good coverage and it's really great. I'm not a foundation expert but I could post a review of it as well.
The brush is from H&M, and I am loving it, I use it to apply the Pupa foundation and it works perfectly.
The two Kiko products were the result of an afteroon with my boyfriend, the 30% discount coupon and a lot of patience and help from him xD I ended getting only two products, even if I initally had four of them in my hands. I have chosen the eyeliner in the colour 107, because it was (and is) an important element in my makeup routine and I used it so much that I finished one (I never finished a black eyeliner, for comparison). Whenever I don't know what to wear I choose it, maybe paired with a blue mascara as well. I think it compliments my eyes fairly well and it's really long lasting.
The eye pencil is from the Daring Game LE, I've been craving it since the first time I saw this LE, which was in august, so I waited quite a lot! The shade is 29, Irresistible teal. I can't wait to wear it, since I've been rediscovering the beauty of a dark eye makeup.
I don't have much makeup here yet, I plan on bringing more of it when I go back at my parents' next weekend. I am definitely in need of some brushes!
That's all for now!
Bought anything interesting recently?

mercoledì 26 novembre 2014

Review: Kiko Nail Polish Remover Travel Wipes

Hi! So, I am more or less settled in terms of housing, but I have a problem in terms of uploading pictures because my new laptop doesn't read my old camera's memory card and I need to get an adapter. Until I get it, no pics, sorry.
But I still wanted to tell you about Kiko's travel wipes...

And yes, the pic is from Kiko's website. Sorry.

I never realized how useful they could be, until I was on the move. Before settling in this house I stayed at some friends' for almost a week, then a few days at a B&B, and with a great amount of luggage already, I didn't want to buy acetone or something similar. Not to mention the "what if it opens in the bag" panic and so on. But I still wanted to get rid of an old, chipped nail polish on my nails and use one of the few polishes I had brought. It's not exactly hard to explain why, despite being super busy and anxious about the room to find and whatnot I still wanted to have perfect nails, right?
Feeling ready makes me feel better, and I'm sure I'm not the only one.
So I decided to get these travel wipes, and here's my impressions:
  • They come in a tiny round box that's really small. Less than half of a Sleek palette, to give you an idea. You will be able to stick it in any beauty case.
  • Being acetone-free, they're rather oily. Consider that, I know that some people dislike it.
  • The smell is delicious!
  • They're really small. In the Kiko pic they look like those powder puffs, but they're nothing like it, they're more similar to a make up remover wipe. Being small, I noticed I needed at least two to remove nail polish from both my hands. It may depend from the color/amount of coats/topcoat but I doubt you could remove your nail polish from both hands with just one of those.
That being said, do I recommend them? Yes, because they can be awfully practical. If you're going on holiday or are in a situation similar to mine, they could prove very useful. Just make sure you've a way to wash your hands afterwards for the oily effect (as in, I wouldn't recommend to use them on a train and whatnot). Just keep them for extreme situations,

lunedì 17 novembre 2014


I can't believe I haven't written anything here for ten days. Just when I thought I could relax, I received to good but sudden news that I was going to be one of the 16 lucky people selected for a translation course in Turin. I received those news on a friday, and the lessons in Turin were going to start next thursday. Needless to say the road has been a bit bumpy, currently I am staying at some friends' who were incredibly kind to give me even a room for a few days, but I have to move to the couch tomorrow. I'm currently seeing as many rooms as I can and soon I'll be able to move. Needless to say I've brought only a limited amount of nail polishes and makeup, which makes a blogger's life a bit harder. Oh and it has been raining for days, which doesn't help because Turin isn't Bologna and there aren't as many porticoes.
Tomorrow I'll have my first proper lesson of the course, and I'm excited but anxiety wont leave me until I find a proper, steady accomodation. I miss my regular blogging, my scouting of the Essence &Catrice displays... But what can I say, having to get adjusted to a completely new city requires some time.
I hope to be back reviewing soon!

venerdì 7 novembre 2014

Neve Cosmetics Bio Primer (Mattifying) review

I've always wanted to try a face primer, but the ingredients discouraged me a bit and I didn't want to put liquid plastic on my face. Plus, who cares if people can see my pores? I'm a human being! What is this, some robot uprising and we have to blend in with the androids?
A primer that promises to make your base more long lasting would've interested me more. When Neve Cosmetics came out with the primers (there's a brightening one too) I knew I had to try one. Since I have combinated skin I went for the mattifying one, after having tried both at a bio makeup store.
At first I was a bit worried. Because they're dark, and I'm super duper pale.

Luckily, however, it blends nicely and becomes invisible really easily. It does make my skin look more, well, matte, and since it adapts nicely to your skin color (more than some of those "adapting bbcreams") you can use it as a colored cream when you're not in the mood for foundation.
I love using it with my Manic Panic compact foundation, but it works nicely with a liquid foundation (Maybelline Fit Me) too.
I've noticed that it makes my face makeup last longer and it gives me a healthy look without looking like a doll. It truly has a mattifying effect. It feels nicely, it's fresh, and it doubles as an extra skin protection during winter.
Have you tried it? Because I'd definitely recommend it! Neve Cosmetics is quickly becoming my fave brand out there...

mercoledì 5 novembre 2014

I'm back (with an old gem)

Thanks for bearing with me, gals (and guys). I survived a tour de force consisting of: 1) the Translation Slam at Lucca Comics 2) a saturday in Lucca Comics (coming back home was a disaster, we had to queue for 4 hours just to reach the train station...) 3) my graduation! I've obtained my Laurea Magistrale! (110 e lode, ragazze, non ci posso credere!)
Now I can finally go back to blogging regularly. I'll do my best, because I have a new laptop and it doesn't read my memory card, but I still will post some stuff this week. I also have a review of Neve Cosmetics's primer coming down the pipeline!
For now I want to show you a little gem, an old discontinued Kiko polish, 382.

A shimmery gunmetal grey that reminds me of the Pupa matt cream eyeshadows (review of one of those soon too!) in terms of color, but it has a shimmer finish. Here it's not topped with seche vite, because, uh, I got distracted playing Payday 2 (new laptop = more videogames!), but it's really beautiful. It's quite old, I had recently started to be into nail polishes when I got this but I absolutely love it, it's extremely elegant also because it's not 100% black.
A personal favorite, if I had to say. I hadn't worn it in a lifetime so I am happy to show it to you!

P.s. here's what I got at Lucca Comics!
I would've gotten more if I had had more time and if there had been less of a crowd. But hey, I've got 3rd issue of Saga, the second volume of the Elric of Melnibone comic, a mug with Eevee and the eeveelutions (sounds like a band name...) and a Sailor Moon set containing a small purse where I'll keep my lipsticks, a small mirror and a hair band. There were sooo many SM goodies, I didn't know where to start!
That's all for today, tomorrow I'll post the first review!