giovedì 1 agosto 2013

Kiko Quick Dry Nail Lacquer 813 Pearly Brown

Not very summer-ish, but worth a swatch since they're new. It actually belongs to my sister, I borrowed it because I wanted to try this new range... if the quaility is good, I thought, I'll buy one for myself (the white with golden hues was nice).
First and foremost: no, it does not dry in 60 seconds. It's fast, but nothing new.
The color is a shimmery brown with olive and golden hues.

Why is it good:
-fast dry, if you care (I don't)
-Great brush! (slightly smaller than the "cat's paw" ones from the new Essence polishes)
-Nice color (and, overall, nice range of colors, better than the standard boring cremes)

Why is it bad:
-Not as fast as they promise
-Bad formula: very dense and streaky
-Nothing really new (with all the new trends, from the crystals to the furry nails to che chalkboard nails, this is all you could come up with?).
-Costs more and you get less product

Verdict: I really hope this doesn't replace Kiko's standard polish line, the formula is worse, but if you like the color, go for it. I've forgiven worse formulas (but they had something outstanding and unique, this does not.)

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