giovedì 27 dicembre 2012

Christmas gift reviews 1

I received some interesting make up related gifts and I will try them all! Let's start with this lovely nail polish given me by my best friend Astrid!

This is called Sweets Way and is a Nails Inc special effect nail polish. It really is special, so glitter-packed.
I have a thing for glitter, yes. who doesn't. This one is fairly different from the other ones, those glitter don't say party! but cute! On a very light pastel violet base, the glitters are silver, light blue and pink. The whole effect is quite sweet lolita-ish. They say it should remind of cupcake frosting... and it does!

So pretty, thank you, Astrid!

mercoledì 26 dicembre 2012

Pupa 810 Deco

Pupa polishes are generally good, and for the special collections they usually put out amazing things. And this little jewel is a good example of it! This one, the 810, a delightfully copper color dense with glitter. It requires two coats to be very shining (and, as every glitter polish, removing it isn't the easiest thing ever...). It's far more beautiful irl, it's hard to capture its color in photos.

Definitely worth buying it.

My fist blog was Time for Nail Polish , but there were some problems with my gmail and, long story short, I had to redo everything... so, welcome to the new Time for Nail Polish!