domenica 28 luglio 2013

Make Up Moments: My Brushes

Brushes are important for make up, so lemme show you mine!
I tried three E.L.F. brushes first a long time ago, the first three ones, the Complexion Brush, the Small Precision Brush and the Eyeshadow "C" Brush. I had a great experience with those: they're soft and I've cleaned them with marseille soap for more than a year and they've never lost a bristle or their shape.
Months ago my sister gave me the Blush Brush as a gift, I really needed it since I suck at applying blush with my fingers (at least the cream ones). Recently I ordered more brushes, you can see the Angled Contour Brush, the Contour Brush and the Small Angled brush. I only tried the last one and it works perfectly for cream eyeliners.
And the other brush you see under them is a H&M brush: I used to think I didn't need an eyelashes/eyebrow brush but mascara clumps are annoying...

Overall i definitely recommend E.L.F brushes, have I mentioned they are ridiculously cheap for the quality? They should be 4.50 euros each, but their website has sales very often, so you can get them for half the price quite easily.

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  1. Interessante! io della ELF ho addirittura i pennelli da 1.70 euro e mi ci trovo molto bene, magari proverò anche qualcuno di questi che mi sembrano ancora meglio! :D

    1. Io quelli da 1.70 non li ho mai provati, ma son contenta di sapere che siano ottimi! Questi della linea studio sono davvero una cosa spettacolare, non hanno mai perso un pelo, niente, sono ancora morbidissimi.. se ti capita di provarli fammi sapere che ne pensi!