giovedì 9 gennaio 2014

NYC Empire Purple

Don't ever try to convince me you never had a day in which you felt down and needed something to cheer you up, possibily a new nail polish. I cheered up myself with Empire Purple by New York Color, a brand I can find only in a small shop in my parent's town. It would have been stunning even if it wouldn't have been a duochrome, since the purple base is a gorgeous metallic purple, a bit funerary but not too gothic. Honestly, the definition of "Empire" suits it perfectly since it reminds me of the purple vests worn by byzantine emperors. According to the light, however, it gains wonderful bronze hues.

Under artificial light it seems to gain even orange reflections. Bronze and purple, very fitting for an empire!
The formula is quite good, great coverage in two coats and not too streaky (I still recommend some caution not to leave brush strokes), I have no complaints to make about it. Should you get it? It's cheap (less than 2 euros) and wonderful, so yes, definitely. You can never have enough duochromes ( I certainly don't).

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2 commenti:

  1. Che bello, lui :)
    Io ho quasi tutti glitter, di NYC :)

    1. Io ne ho uno solo, ma sono davvero belli, li ho visti!