venerdì 10 gennaio 2014

My picks from Kiko's Dark Heroine LE

Since it's sales time, I decided to do a small post about what I have ended up buying from the Dark Heroine LE-my favourite of this winter editions.
You've already seen the Laser Nail Lacquer, Venom Teal, and today I introduce you to his fellow, Strong Chocolate, bought today on sale and not yet tested. Seems very promising!
Surprise surprise, I got the Loud Night Bronzer! It's my very first bronzer, and I am very satisfied with it. I purchased the matte one, Silky Mat Tan. It's quite subtle and can be used satisfyingly even on pale skin, especially if blended with the "blush" part, the pink one. I can make some contouring experiments now!

The Latex Like Lipstick in 04 Plastic Red is quite gorgeous and insanely pigmented. It dries to a demi-matte finish (which I wasn't expecting, since when is latex matte?), but it's gorgeous so who cares. It's also nicely long lasting too, it almost survived the whole Christmas lunch...

The Velvet Stick Blush in 04 Cadillac Pink was purchased today, for little more than 3 euros. I didn't want to get it for the full price, but I'm glad I found it of the color I wanted and on full sale. Ah, shopping malls hide wonderful surprises. The shade I chose is matte and of a beautiful delicate pink. I'm glad I've got this because I needed a stick blush. I'm constantly on the move and stick blushes are practical (no brush, and far more practical than powder blushes).

And that's all! I would have liked to get the highlighting drops, since they were on sale, but there was only the pink drops left and I wanted the silver ones, so nope. Did you get anything? Are you waiting for something to have an even lower price?

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  1. sono dei pezzi tanto interessanti, devo farmi un giro per vedere se trovo ancora qualcosa in saldo ^_^
    Pink pearl make up & more

    1. Eh si ti conviene, anche perché poi dipende molto da negozio a negozio...