domenica 26 gennaio 2014

Catrice Bronze-Deco & Suspect

Yesterday I spend the morning with my mom, and we went shopping. At Coin we found two interesting Catrice polishes: Bronze-Deco, from the Arts Collection LE, and Suspect from the Thrilling Me Softly LE.
I bought the first one and mom the second one-she's starting to be really into nail polishes too, I've created a monster!
Anyway, to the polishes: Bronze-Deco is far more golden than bronze. The texture, not quite glitter not quite shimmery, reminded me of the Pupa polishes of last year's Art Deco themed LE.
The color is the most magnificent gold I've ever seen. Warm-toned (bronze toned, I agree, but this color is definitely not bronze), it's like gold foil. Coverage is also quite good for this kind of polish, here I used 2 coats but it was already opaque in one. It captures the light perfectly and, despite its simplicity, it's an impressive shade of gold. Definitely recommended.
I added Suspect on my middle and ring finger for a simple chevron nail art, reminiscent of art deco.
I needed more than 2 coats since I had to apply it over a rather strong and shiny polish, but the coverage is good, and the color is prettier than I had imagined. A soft, pearly grey-gold, it builds a nice contrast with its fellow.

Overall, I recommend them both! What do you think? Oh, and by the way, did you find the Art Deco palette of this LE? I never did, only the polish, and the display seemed to be made to host only two palettes and the AD wasn't amongst them... such a pity.

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