giovedì 23 gennaio 2014

H&M Foundation & Blush brush

Nail polish is Essence's Elves Like Lilac
I haven't written anything here for a while, I know, but exams take up a lot of time and I didn't even have the time to prepare some planned posts before.
I still want to review one of the latest brushes I bought, I've used it for more than a month now and I can tell you truly what I think.
I wanted to try a foundation brush, I was kinda tired of using my finger, I don't like having my finger dirty with foundation when I have to yet finish my makeup, and I wanted to get a better application.
Design-wise it's very nice, the handle is ivory-colored, and it has an overall cute feel.-
The foundation part is a typical cat's tongue foundation brush, I can get a good application and I have no complaints about it. The bristles are very dense but can be "stressed" (es to wash them) but they'll not lose their shape.
The blush part is so fluffy! I wanted to rub my cheeks with it for hours. It's a very good brush and it's perfect for powder brushes like the ones by Neve Cosmetics. I usually use it for the bronzer.

So far, I have no complaints... apart from one. It's annoying and hard to wash foundation away from a brush that is of a very similar color. I have a hard time trying to understand whetere it's actually clean.
Would I recommend it? It depends on your patience in cleaning it xD.

2 commenti:

  1. Ahahah motivo per il quale preferisco usare le spugnette ahahahahahahah ♡
    In bocca al lupo con gli esami, siamo tutte nella stessa barca ;)

    1. Questo pennello mi fa sentire scema xD L'applicazione è ottima, ma direi che va bene solo per chi ha la pelle più scura! Crepi, e in bocca al lupo anche a te!