giovedì 2 gennaio 2014

China Glaze There's Snow One Like You review

It saddens me to start the new year with a review of a polish that left me quite unsatisfied.
There's Snow One Like You is a polish that looks a lot like snow on your nails, a concept I love, thanks to the sand effect and the hex glitters in it. It's also, compared to the other sand effect polishes I own, much stronger: at the beginning it felt quite uncomfortable to have it on my nails, it's very rough.
But this is something I can forgive. I don't forgive the brush, that's very small and therefore a pain in the neck for this sort of polish, getting an even, precise application is quite hard.
And I don't forgive its overall quality: within the first 24 hours, most of it had been chipped off my index and middle finger. After 48 hours, nothing much remains (only on my thumbs it's still decent).
I've never encountered such a low quality compared with such a finish. My theory is that, being stronger, rougher and with bigger sand particles, it grasps on things you handle and chips away more easily. I would also like to try it on a base that is not mattifying like the Essence one I own, maybe it's hard for it to grasp on a matte base as it is for stamping. It can probably still be used for accent nails or details.
Do I recommend this? Ehm, no. If you really need a white sand effect polish, yes, otherwise you can find better. It's like a failed experiment.

Vote: A for the idea, C for the quality.

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