lunedì 30 settembre 2013

Pupa Lasting Color Gel 054 review

By now you all know about Pupa's special offer: become a fan of them on fb and download a coupon to get a Lasting Color Gel polish for just 1 euro. If you invite a friend you can also get a Vamp product for 5 euros, but I wans't interested in that, so I sticked to the polish. I had also received bad reviews of a polish of this line, so I was quite glad of this occasion to get one, since I would've never bought one at full price.

The color is great, a cobalt blue with a hint of indigo: it's like the polish version of Sephora's Azur Blue pencil. The finish is a nice, shiny creme, with a nice glass effect as advertised.
It has a big brush that makes application easier and less streaky (still wasn't very easy, but with a small brush it would have been a mess). I wish Pupa used such a brush in all its polishes.
I don't care about it that much, but keep in mind that it smells badly when you apply it (dried it has no smell).
I've worn it for a day, so I can't tell you much about duration yet.
I can however tell that so far I like it, I'm going to add some nail art soon.

Would I recommend it? Not at full price, the color range is nothing to die for. Otherwise, go for it.

4 commenti:

  1. Non ho ancora mai provato i gel like di pupa anche perché, come ben dici, non hanno un range di colori così particolari e/o interessanti... :)
    Però è carino, questo colore!

    1. Non ci fosse stata la promozione a 1 euro dubito ne avrei mai preso uno. Ho scelto questo colore perché mi ricordava il mio adorato vecchio myrtille di Sephora, ormai inutilizzabile. In realtà quello di Pupa è più blu, ricorda quasi il blu dei colori a tempera.

    2. Capito ^^
      Doppio premio per te sul mio spazio, spero che ti possano regalare un po' di visibilità, te la meriti ;)

    3. Oh, grazie mille! *_* mi commuovo!