giovedì 12 settembre 2013

Nymphaea Nail Art

A few days ago I was at the park looking at the lake: I had seen something on the surface of the water and thought there were nymphaeas, but alas, they were only dead leaves.
I also thought that a nymphaea nail art would have been fun and easy, so I tried! It looked way better in my mind but who cares, it's still eye-catching and funny.

 I used Essence Life is a Freeride as base color, did the leaves with Kiko 296 and the flowers with Kiko 356, 375 and 203. The top coat is Essence Quick Dry top coat.

2 commenti:

  1. Mi piace un sacco, nonostante non sia ciò che speravi che fosse ^^
    Sì, con quelle ninfee le mani catturano decisamente l'attenzione! :)

    1. Grazie ^_^ Forse avrei dovuto usare un colore di base più scuro per far risaltare meglio le foglie, ma adoro quel teal della Essence che sembra davvero acqua..