venerdì 12 aprile 2013

Stamping on Deborah 13

This polish is part of my birthday gift from my sister: the gift was a bunch of make up and nail polish related stuff, hehe.

One of the gifts was a box by Deborah containing this nail polish, a red lipstick and this fluffy tickler. There was also one with lacy gloves, black polish and nude lipstick. I don't wear nude lipsticks, or I would've bought that too. Why? well, those sets were on sale for 4.90 euros! Probably they were inspired by that horrible book, you know, fifty shades of badly written porn. But who cares, the lipstick is great and so is the nail polish!
A beautiful, outrageous sexy red  with cold undertones, fast drying and shiny, practically a classic you can't miss. A must have for all femmes fatales.
I tried some red-on-red stamping with Pupa 620 from the old China Doll LE. It stamps perfectly, but I should have picked a bigger design, it's a bit hard to see.
The Deborah polish vote is definitely an A. Good quality, and I love the big brush.

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