martedì 2 aprile 2013

Citrus nails

 I said I would have tested that Mavala polish duration on my nails without topcoat, and I did. It lasted only 2 days then it chipped on my index, always the first nail to go, and started showing some signs of tipwear... and I wasn't exactly stranded on a desert island neither was I forced to fight a T-rex with my bare hands, the only circumstances that would make such a short duration understandable. You see, I don't mind if a 2 euros or so Essence polish doesn't last a week, but Mavala polish are around 5 euros or more and for that I expect something more.  So I decided to add something to it...

I always wanted to try this kind of mani, and it's surprisingly easy to draw it. I used Kiko 356 (orange) and Kiko 203, that's meant to be a white for french mani so it has a small brush that comes really handy for nail art. Then one coat of topcoat.
It's certainly an eye-catching mani, and it reminds me of candy.

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