martedì 23 aprile 2013

Glossip 15 Win Beetle

A few days ago, just outside of the Glossip shop, I was given a coupon that allowed me to buy the small bottles of polish (5 ml) for 1 euro each, with a buying limit of three. If you wanted to find a nice way to make people try that brand, you did the right thing! I bought a red for my sister, and she is very happy about it. For me I bough the 15, Win Beetle. In the bottle is a duochrome grey that goes from blue undertones to pink/violet undertones.

On the nails, the pink undertones are impossible to see, and that is surely a disappointment! I was expecting a duochrome, i got grey with cold blue undertones.
The upside of this? It's a nice, very metallic shade of grey, and under daylight the blue emerges beautifully.
The formula isn't the best either, be careful or you'll leave brush strokes. It is however longlasting, i have to admit it.
Vote: B-.
Later I added Kiko 615 on the tips... although I received compliments for this nail art, I'm not 100% sure whether I like it or not, even if they go fine together as colors.

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