domenica 7 aprile 2013

B Basic Beauty 49PE

I had already tried this polish once, realized it was bad for gradients and put it back in the drawer. But I wanted to give it a second chance. The color is beautiful, it has some violet hues that are really amazing.
The formula, however, is really bad. It's almost like colored water, very sheer. This is three coats, and it took aeons to dry. Even with fast drying drops it dried so badly that I had to remove it the morning after.
Luckily I took this photo the evening before.. and I hadn't even bothered to clean the excess polish, because I wanted to layer it with Max Factor's fantasy fire. I did so today and it was almost invisible, perhaps it needs a darker blue as base.
Vote: between C and D. The color is great, the quality not so much.

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