martedì 29 gennaio 2013

Corset nails

I have two holo polishes to try, an Essence glitter topper from the february collection and the famous Fantasy Fire by Max Factor (found it quite easily and cheap, I had no idea it was so rare)... and yet I had to try this design I had in mind for a while. It reminds me of a corset I saw on Dita Von Teese once.
It would probably be nicer with stamping, but I only have two stamping plates by essence and neither of them had the right design for this, so I drew the flowers freehanded with my faithful Kiko nail art brush.
The base color is Kiko 226, I would have liked a lighter color but I don't have many reds (4 of them, and no one of them was the right shade, first world problems) It's a beautiful polish, I kinda regret I didn't take photos before applying matte top coat because it's simple yet perfect.
After the matte top coat I drew the flowers with kiko 704 (black). On the ring finger i also used Nude Dude from H&M for the skin and tried to recreate laces, not easy.
It' hard to capture the effect of this mani on photo. If I had a matte polish (that I don't have, I always thought "what's the point, with the topcoat I can mattify everything") I would have left the base polish shiny and added details in matte black. The more you know!

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