mercoledì 16 gennaio 2013

Anomaly Nails + mini haul

I missed the time when I did something more than just apply nail polish on my nails, so I decided to try something more elaborate. My inspiration comes from a videogame, S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl, set in the Chernobyl exclusion zone with radioactivity, monsters and misterious artifacts. The game takes inspiration from one of my favourite novels, Roadside Picnic, and from the movie Stalker.
But, onwards to the nails, or I could just talk about this for ages.
The radiation symbol needs no explanation, and the biohazard one was done as a challenge to see if I could draw something so intricate without my favourite nail art brush on my smallest nail, and I'm quite satisfied of the result. The ring finger hosts a caviar mani: it was a weird feeling to have those really small beads on the nail, but not bad. Unfortunately it's not much long lasting, after 2 or 3 days the beads were all gone. Perhaps I should have pressed them on the fresh coat of polish more, who knows, I'll try it again sometime.
I wasn't much happy of the black polish that came with the caviar mani kit because of the brush, that imho was a bit too small... but the brush of the yellow polish by Essence was really big and perfect (also a good polish, one coat would have been enough).

Products used: Pupa Bubbles Manicure kit in black, Essence 118 Little Miss Sunshine, Super Red by H&M, Kiko Rock Top 612 (you can barely see it, sigh), Essence nail art soft touch (matte top coat), Essence quick dry topcoat.

 I've read good reviews of the Limoni store brand polishes, but never tried them. So yesterday I was in front of a Limoni store and decided to see if there was something interesting. And so it was! There is a special offer, 3 polishes for 4.99 (one polish is 3.99) so I realized it was sign of destiny and I had to try them. The first one I noticed is the shimmery blue one, that according to the light varies greatly, and you can see its violet hues under the right light... I'm trying this today for a gradient mani!
The other ones are a very light shimmer silver and a beautiful shade of red.. I've already planned something for those two...

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