domenica 6 gennaio 2013

Christmas gifts review part 2

This is actually a double review!
The second nail polish I received for Christmas was OPI The Living Daylights, from the James Bond special collection. It's also my first OPI polish!
The glitters are copper, gold, green and silver, and they're very big. The brush catches lots of glitters, this is just one coat. I wanted to see how it looked on different colors so I did this skittle mani with a nice nail polish set purchased at H&M.
The H&M polishes are Golden Days, Nude Dude, Peacock Green and Purple Potion. The black you see it's actually a beautiful gunmetal shade from Kiko, the 382.
The Living Daylights looks amazing on gunmetal, grey and, surprisingly, on purple. Ok, fine, it looks nice on every color. I can't say the same for the H&M polishes, their colors are great (I'm in love with Peacock Green) but they aren't really long lasting, after a couple of days, well you can see what happened on the Nude Dude finger. And that's a pity because it's a beautiful nude.
In the H&M set there were two more glitter polishes that I haven't tried yet.

So, the OPI polish isn't what I'd call a must have but it's fun, and it made a perfect New Year's Eve mani. Unfortunately, as many glitter polishes, it's a pain in the neck to remove.
The H&M polishes make a good gift (the packaging, man, a beauiful but simple golden box with a peacock, who's not to love that) and the color are very well selected. Plus, it's cheap,  around 7 euros for 6 polishes. I wish they lasted for more days but, alas, you can't have everything.

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