mercoledì 26 novembre 2014

Review: Kiko Nail Polish Remover Travel Wipes

Hi! So, I am more or less settled in terms of housing, but I have a problem in terms of uploading pictures because my new laptop doesn't read my old camera's memory card and I need to get an adapter. Until I get it, no pics, sorry.
But I still wanted to tell you about Kiko's travel wipes...

And yes, the pic is from Kiko's website. Sorry.

I never realized how useful they could be, until I was on the move. Before settling in this house I stayed at some friends' for almost a week, then a few days at a B&B, and with a great amount of luggage already, I didn't want to buy acetone or something similar. Not to mention the "what if it opens in the bag" panic and so on. But I still wanted to get rid of an old, chipped nail polish on my nails and use one of the few polishes I had brought. It's not exactly hard to explain why, despite being super busy and anxious about the room to find and whatnot I still wanted to have perfect nails, right?
Feeling ready makes me feel better, and I'm sure I'm not the only one.
So I decided to get these travel wipes, and here's my impressions:
  • They come in a tiny round box that's really small. Less than half of a Sleek palette, to give you an idea. You will be able to stick it in any beauty case.
  • Being acetone-free, they're rather oily. Consider that, I know that some people dislike it.
  • The smell is delicious!
  • They're really small. In the Kiko pic they look like those powder puffs, but they're nothing like it, they're more similar to a make up remover wipe. Being small, I noticed I needed at least two to remove nail polish from both my hands. It may depend from the color/amount of coats/topcoat but I doubt you could remove your nail polish from both hands with just one of those.
That being said, do I recommend them? Yes, because they can be awfully practical. If you're going on holiday or are in a situation similar to mine, they could prove very useful. Just make sure you've a way to wash your hands afterwards for the oily effect (as in, I wouldn't recommend to use them on a train and whatnot). Just keep them for extreme situations,

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  1. Io ne ho acquistata una confezione diversi anni fa e credo sia ancora in giro... da qualche parte! Non mi erano piaciute per niente :( se devo andare in vacanza, opto per uno smalto che so di durata ottima (almeno 7 giorni perfetto), faccio doppia mano di top coat e al massimo porto dietro la boccetta da sola e all'ottavo giorno aggiungo una passata del colore :D

    1. Eh, infatti secondo me sono da tenere per le emergenze, a me erano servite perché sono stata via da casa più di dieci giorni, e nonostante avessi messo un sacco di strati si era sbeccato lo stesso, si vede che traslocare non è il top per le unghie xD Se non fossero così unte sarebbero molto comode.