venerdì 7 novembre 2014

Neve Cosmetics Bio Primer (Mattifying) review

I've always wanted to try a face primer, but the ingredients discouraged me a bit and I didn't want to put liquid plastic on my face. Plus, who cares if people can see my pores? I'm a human being! What is this, some robot uprising and we have to blend in with the androids?
A primer that promises to make your base more long lasting would've interested me more. When Neve Cosmetics came out with the primers (there's a brightening one too) I knew I had to try one. Since I have combinated skin I went for the mattifying one, after having tried both at a bio makeup store.
At first I was a bit worried. Because they're dark, and I'm super duper pale.

Luckily, however, it blends nicely and becomes invisible really easily. It does make my skin look more, well, matte, and since it adapts nicely to your skin color (more than some of those "adapting bbcreams") you can use it as a colored cream when you're not in the mood for foundation.
I love using it with my Manic Panic compact foundation, but it works nicely with a liquid foundation (Maybelline Fit Me) too.
I've noticed that it makes my face makeup last longer and it gives me a healthy look without looking like a doll. It truly has a mattifying effect. It feels nicely, it's fresh, and it doubles as an extra skin protection during winter.
Have you tried it? Because I'd definitely recommend it! Neve Cosmetics is quickly becoming my fave brand out there...

4 commenti:

  1. Di neve ho solo un paio di palette e un paio di sample di pigmenti :)
    Ma mi piace molto la loro politica, tanto più in fatto di creme che non ti obblighino a mettere petrolio in faccia :)
    Cmq è vero, a primo impatto sembra scurissima, per fortuna che si fonde bene!

    1. Anche io ero terrorizzata dallo scuro ma diventa pressochè invisibile.. e sì hanno una buona politica in termini di ingredienti e prodotti!

  2. Mi interessa non tanto per me quanto per un'amica... buono a sapersi che funziona!

    1. Io mi ci sto trovando molto bene!