giovedì 10 aprile 2014

Orly Miss Conduct

Ah, there is something incredibly satisfying in removing a polish from the wishlist to the stash list. I've been wanting this one since I discovered its existence, and guys, am I happy I have it!
Basically, it's a fuchsia shimmery polish. But that shimmer! It's a holo shimmer! Under sunlight it's super eye-catching.

It looks like a "plain" silver and purple shimmer, but the particles are actually holographic, so put it under the light and enjoy the awesomeness. This is 2 coats of polish.
I am very thankful to the Orly booth at cosmoprof for selling polishes from old LEs (this comes from the Naughty or Nice 2012 Christmas one), because now I have this beauty.
Duration was ok, it chipped at day 4. Despite having been considered part of a winter LE, to me it screams spring/summer, mostly because you need sunlight to fully appreciate its beauty, because in the end I don't care about the season when it comes to polishes, what really matters is my mood.

4 commenti:

  1. E' proprio bello :)
    E' davvero una soddisfazione, eliminare un nome dalla WL perché acquistato :)

  2. Mi piace davvero tantissimo, bello!

    1. Mi fa piacere, e grazie per il commento!