giovedì 3 aprile 2014

Kiko Life In Rio first impressions and swatches

The nail polishes for Kiko's Summer LE, Life in Rio, called Sun Show Nail Lacquers, are ten and all shimmer-packed. I'm sure they're lovely under the sun, but of course today it's clouded.

No, it's not identical to the other pic, look at the green..
They're 476 Joyful Emerald, 475 Tropical Blue, 474 Luxurious Indigo, 473 Precious Amethyst, 472 Tasty Grapes, 471 Juicy Pitaya, 470 Dainty Passion Fruit, 469 Delicious Mango, 468 Samba Pink, 467 Quindim Gold.

 They all at least will require 2 coats, since I had to put big drops of polish to get a nice result.
Color descriptions are quite faithful, so I'll just give you some indications. 476 is a bit lighter irl. 474, 472 and 468 all have beautiful undertones, lavender, pink and orange respectively. 468 is already a personal favourite, a beautiful warm pink with orange/gold undertones. 467 too has a pink shimmer but less visible, under artificial light it feels almost bronze. But I bet 470 will be quite successful, because it doesn't just have undertones, no, its shimmerness is packed with gold. Fuchsia and gold shimmer, it kinda says summer aloud! Overall they're very pretty, nothing groundbreaking but after the "meh" polishes of the Boulevard Rock, they look awesome. By the way, the polishes of the aforementioned LE are now 1,90 in Kiko shops, sign that I wasn't the only one that was disappointed...

When it comes to the rest of this LE, I didn't see anything groundbreaking in eye or lip products, but the blushes look quite nice (similar to the ones of last summer's LE in a certains sense, bronzers are practically identical). This LE also includes colored eyeliners and I guess I'll have a look at them too.

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  1. Visti così, più che shimmer sembrerebbero foil *w*
    Da indagare!

    1. Si, in effetti sono abbastanza foil...e si, vale la pena indagare!