sabato 19 aprile 2014

Orly High on Hope

I've waited for a bit to post this, because I was working on an experiment. Usually I put a new nail polish on after 3, 4 days, it depends on how much my current mani has chipped (or how much I liked it, or how eager I am to try a new polish, and so on.)

With High on Hope, however, I decided to keep it on my nails for a few more days. I couldn't decide if I really liked the denim-like shade, and was a bit disappointed by the extreme sheerness (this is 3 coats).
It contains a golden-to-purple shimmer, like someone sprinkled Space Cadet on it.

And so I decided to wait. This is how it looks after a week, and I really can't deny that I am impressed!
(Ignore my cuticles, playing in the sand with my niece doesn't help) There is some minor tipwear, but no chipping... usually polish chips very easily on my index, seeing it still there after a week was really a surprise. Tonight I'll remove it to put my easter day mani on, but this incredible duration will make giving a vote to this polish quite hard. Overall it's a between A and B. I still can't decide if I like color, but I can forgive sheerness for such a good quality.

2 commenti:

  1. Adoro gli orly per la qualità ma non per il prezzo nel mercato italiano, purtroppo. Bellissimo, lui <3

    1. Eeh meno male che c'è il cosmoprof coi prezzi ridotti!