mercoledì 30 aprile 2014

Catrice Haute Future 04 GaLILACxy

Hello ladies! Today I'm showing you the only polish from the Haute Future LE I bought, GaLILACxy. The other two were holos and another one was a shimmer. A weirdly assorted collection!
This one is hard to classify because it seems a simple metallic pastel violet/lilac, but it's actually a duochrome, as I hoped from the bottle.
It goes from lilac to a pale yellow/champagne color. I couldn't capture it in photos really well, but under artificial lights it's very visible and impressive.
The formula isn't to die for, very sheer, this is three coats (could probably use a white base).
The color is however something very "soft" and quite unique, I have nothing similar to it and find it an interesting addition to my stash.
I could classify it as a "polish even my mom would wear" because it's very delicate.

2 commenti:

  1. Ahh non sapevo nulla di questa collezione!!! Sembra tutta interessante, sicuramente per quanto riguarda gli smalti! Non credo utilizzerei questo duochrome troppo rosato per me (e su di me stanno malissimo i duochrome) ma è troppo carino!

    1. Se riesci a trovarla, questa LE, dalle un'occhiata (quando l'ho trovata io era già mezza saccheggiata), è molto promettente...