lunedì 24 febbraio 2014

TAG: Vorrei ma non posso / I want that! But I can't...

A tag that definitely suits me, created by Make Up Pleasure here , that focuses on products we'd love but we can't afford. Here's my answers:

A skincare product:

I am not a skincare expert, but I've got the small size of this Sephora cream that is the best one I've ever tried, so if money wasn't a problem I'd get the big size. I love how it absorbs nicely on my skin without that oily side effects.

A make up product for the base (concealer, foundation, powder, primer...)

I am still looking for my holy grail of foundations and haven't found it yet even in high end brands, so i am going for a concealer instead: Urban Decay concealer pencil in CIA. I've tried it on my hand and it's exactly my color, I've reads words of praise in the blogosphere, but I'm still not ready to spend  16.50 euros on this.. (image source: here)

A contouring product (blush, bronzer, highlighter..)
Does it even need an explanation?

 A Mascara:
 Is it really as awesome as they say? I may never know.
 Eye pencil or eyeliner:
They're like Pokèmon: I just wanna catch them all. But then again, they aren't cheap. I have Lsd, Uzi and Invasion and the quality is outrageously high (Lsd stays 14 hours on me without smudging..). Shown here is Mainline, the next one in my wishlist. But really, if I won the lottery I'd probably get like 10 of these at least.

An Eyeshadow or Eyeshadow Palette:
The fact that I already own two matte eyeshadows from Concrete Minerals that are similar to the blue and the green one doesn't stop me from sighing in front of this Sugarpill palette. The packaging is awesome, I love pressed eyeshadows and those are just my colors (it's like a collection of my favourite colors). 

A Lipstick or Lipgloss:
Short answer: something by MAC pretty please.
Long answer: I should probably focus on a MLBB, but I don't like the concept, and I like to go boldly when it comes to lips, so I'd love to own this beauty, Cyber. If I have to dream, I might at least dream big. (Image source: here)

A Make Up and/or Face Care product:
More brushes!I have Emerald Shader of these, but I'd love to have them all. And if I can't have them all, can I at least get Mint Tapered?

A Body product:
This is a bit weird, because I am going to include two frangraces here, and I haven't even tried them...but from what I know, they both should fit my tastes. (And yes, I am unconsciously aiming for every beauty product that has the word cyber in it). I know that Cyber Garden is a man's fragrance, but I don't really care.
The first one is a tribute to the atmospheres of Weimar Berlin, and it would be great for the days in which I feel a bit nostalgic and more drawn to the atmospheres of the past.

A Nail Polish:
It's either a color changing nail polish (I'd love one of them!) or Coffe Love by Layla! (for the image source, follow the watermark). It has been in my wishlist for a lifetime...

Well, at least I know what to buy if I win the lottery. I tag everyone who wants to do it!

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  1. Ciao! colgo l'occasione per fare un -1 dalla tua lista di desideri imossibili XD
    Cyber di Mac è un rossetto pessimo, si stende malissimo, lascia chiazze chiare al centro del labbro e queste si spostano e diventano più evidenti dopo un po' che lo si indossa. Insomma proprio non va, un rossetto molto scuro se non è omogeneo risulta sciatto e per questa ragione ormai lo uso di rado.
    Inoltre quello indossato dalla modella non è lui, Cyber è molto più scuro (quasi nero direi) e più violaceo

    1. Io l'ho trovato come Cyber O_O ma te pensa, buono a sapersi! peccato, opterò per qualcos'altro della Mac allora, scommetto che qualche rossetto della Mac che mi sta bene lo trovo (ho provato Ruby Woo e mi sta benissimo, ma secca anche molto le labbra...)