domenica 23 febbraio 2014

Something About Me nail art

Better late than never, I whisper to myself as I try to finish the "Something About Me" nail art.
At first I was a bit puzzled, because as much as I genuinely wished to participate, I kept thinking about the many things I liked. Hot tea? Postapocalyptic fiction? Sci-fi? History?
I went with history, and specifically, with Empress Theodora.

I've chosen her for many reasons:
  • She's one of my favourite historical figures. I recommend you to read more a bit about her on wiki. She rose from the humble ranks of actress until she became empress- a femme fatale and an intelligent, pious woman at the same time.
  • A painting depicting her is also my avatar! I tried to stay with the similar, warm color scheme of the painting for the whole blog. She isn't the subject of the painting in the banner, but I think it fits with the atmosphere. She devoted a lot of her time to her beauty too, and I like to think as my blog as my small beauty corner where I can take care of myself after a long day.
  • I wanted to do something more elaborate compared to my latest nail arts, and some of my latest polish acquisitions just fit the theme (Catrice Bronze-Deco mostly).
  • The last time I went to see this mosaic I was with a group of friends, and it had been a really great day, so i can commemorate it!
Each nail represents a detail (her cup, headdress...). And since I did it in the evening of the 23, sadly I don't have the time to take sunlight photos.

I've seen the mosaic in Ravenna more than once and let me tell you, it's a must see.

The polishes involved in the process were: China Glaze Charmed, I'm Sure, Catrice Bronze-Deco, Kiko 629, 328, 294 and Sinful Colors Snow Me White.

7 commenti:

  1. Grazie Alyx! è bellissima, mi piace molto anche il fatto che tu abbia dedicato la tua nail art a una figura storica e a una donna tanto forte e affascinante :)

  2. Che bell'idea, mi piace proprio :)

    1. Grazie! La tua col cane era pucciosissima!

  3. Bellissima idea e ben realizzata! Sono stata a Ravenna un sacco di anni fa, mi ricordo bene questo mosaico :)

    1. Grazie! Eh ci credo, non si dimentica facilmente..