sabato 8 febbraio 2014

Kiko Boulevard Rock swatches and first impressions

my hand looks very graceful here
 When I first saw the preview of the Boulevard Rock LE I was honestly disappointed. As much as I loved the Dark Heroine and the Digital Emotion, this one, as it often happens with spring and summer LEs, left me a bit meh. Some of the products look identical to the ones of the Fierce Spirit of last year ( the cream blushes/ lipglosses), and I really dislike the overall design. The rock theme could be interesting, but I have the problem that I dislike denim and never wear it, so the whole denim-themed packaging and inspiration is for me a turn off. It also feels old, and not in a funny '80s way, in a '90s way that reminds me of my childhood.
The nail polishes seemed a huge disappointment too: on the website they look like boring cremes with a hint of shimmer.

Is this true? Well, yes and no.
On my hand you see: 464 Essential Sky Blue, 463 Evasion Lawn Green, 465 British Jeans, 466 French Charcoal, 462 Tribal Purple, 461 Art Poppy Red, 460 Ink Pink, 459 Woodstock Cream.
They aren't mere shimmers, but have a suede/demi-matte finish. I'm thankful for this, at least Kiko put some effort in it, even if given the rock theme I would have appreciated something with a leather effect.
466 is the prettiest one, under sunlight its shimmer is the most visible, and I appreciate 459 too, which is almost a nude. 460 is more salmon than pink and 462 is way lighter irl compared to the website colors.
My opinion: The quality seems good, over the tape they were all one coaters and dried very quickly, however there's nothing to die for here. No groundbreaking color or finish. I doubt I'll get anyone of these.
You could achieve similar effects by simply adding a matte top coat to polishes you already own.

I had planned on trying the mint green cream eyeshadow, but it didn't seem so pretty and minty irl, so I tried 102 Revolutionary Burgundy and 105 Adrenaline Lime: 102 is very pretty and has brown-to-burgundy shimmer similar to UD's Delinquent pencil. 102 looks more like a banana than a lime, and here is unfortunately a bit smudged, but it could be very nice to highlight and to be worn alone too. It's the only thing of this collection I'd like to get, but I'd probably wait for the sales.

And you, did you see this LE? Opinions?

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  1. Non l'ho ancora vista ma, parliamone... perché scegliere un finish difficile come il satin?? Nel senso, avrebbero potuto cercare di continuare sull'onda del successo dei textured della scorsa estate, secondo me ^^

    1. Hai pienamente ragione! Considerato il successo che avevano avuto mi aspettavo altri textured..sopratutto adesso che nail art strane e effetti particolari sono state sdoganate..