martedì 4 febbraio 2014

My Top 5 "It's exam time!" products.

No, it's not one of the Top 5 launched by Drama, but since it's still exam time for me (I have one on thursday) I decided to share with you which products I use on an exam day. While with written exams really nobody cares how you look like, I wouldn't wear bright red lipstick to an oral exam.
The "proper" factor matters only in a certain way, if the professor is a female she really wouldn't care even about red lipstick or dark smokey eyes. My point in exam make up is that it should be long lasting and smudge-proof, so you can wait and sweat and get caught by anxiety in the hours before your turn in the corridor next to the professor's office.

I didn't include the primer and the setting powder because I always wear them and they're always the same whatever makeup I wear (The primer is the one by Essence and the powder is E.L.F.'s Complexion Perfection).

Foundation: Maybelline Fit Me! foundation in 105. As I've already written, it's the foundation closer to my skin tone I've ever found. Still a bit too yellowish, but it's hard to notice. A good base always gets me in a good mode.

Blush: from the old Kiko Colours in the World LE, Marine Coral 100 is probably my favourite blush ever. Easily blendable, has a natural effect, smells very nicely. And it's insanely long lasting, despite touching my face a lot it's always still there when I come back home.

Eyeliner: Concrete Minerals matte eyeshadow in Bulletproof. Someone might argue that a blue eyeliner isn't that sober and classy. Let them say whatever they want, because this beauty is an essential part of my routine: it's incredibly beautiful and longlasting, it sets like a tattoo and doesn't smudge. I also think this color looks extremely good on me, and feeling confident is important.

Mascara: here I show you Essence's Get Big Lashes, but it really doesn't matter which mascara, as long as it's a mascara. I haven't found my holy grail of mascaras yet and I still like trying new ones, so it wouldn't probably matter if I did.

Lipgloss: Essence Marble Mania lipgloss 4. A cold toned lipgloss that compliments my lips nicely and has a soft effect. When it fades away it still leaves a berry stain on my lips that looks quite natural and even.
It doesn't belong to the old LE with the same name, it was released alone (with other colors) only abroad according to the Essence website but I still managed to find it in Italy (!).

Tell me, fellow university students, what are your exam makeup secrets?

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  1. Ahahah, è proprio vero, bisogna truccarsi in modo differente per scritto o orale! Nel caso dei primi vado un po' "ad minchiam", spesso anche con colori troppo scuri per il giorno (eh, bon, sono un po' darkettona ahah)... Ma agli orali, sfrutto tantissimo le palette naked (in questa ultima sessione oserei dire di aver utilizzato solo e unicamente la naked 3), eyeliner e mascara. In bocca al lupo per l'esame!!!

    1. Ma si, anche io vado a random agli scritti xD come alle lezioni, alla maggioranza dei prof non importa niente. Io tendo ad eccedere coi rossetti invece.... Le Naked sono effettivamente un'ottima scelta (la mia seconda ipotesi sarebbe stata usare la Naked basics). E grazie mille, crepi!

  2. io per gli esami orali mi truccavo sempre molto nude, ma anche per gli scritti, perché eravamo sempre 4 gatti... :( in bocca al lupo per gli esami!

    1. Eh, dipende anche da appello ad appello la quantità di gente! Io conosco persone che non si truccano apposta agli orali così si vedono le occhiaie e quindi sembrano più studiose...