martedì 17 dicembre 2013

Stamping over Kiko Venom Teal

As I've already told you before, Kiko Venom Teal is a gorgeous, gorgeous polish.
So I've experimented with some stamping on it, and now look at this hot duochrome on duochrome action. The stamping polish is Pupa 001 from the Cosmic Beauty LE. It's truly a beauty, since it stamps really amazing. It was an one coater, so I could guess that, but the results were better than I expected. The contrast with the dark base really makes the design pop out, and under the right angle or/and light, when the pink/violet hues of the Pupa polishes are visible, well, it's magnificent. For me it's one of those nail days when I can't stop staring at my nails!
I should remove it and wear something else, since I won't have time to do my nails again until sunday, but it's too pretty...

2 commenti:

  1. Non è pretty è stupenda! Adoro la combinazione di colori, bravissima :)

    1. Grazie! Non ho smesso di fissarmi le unghie per giorni, quegli smalti della Pupa sono perfetti per lo stamping..