martedì 3 dicembre 2013

Kiko Venom Teal over China Glaze Charmed, I'm Sure

The good thing: the two colors go really well together.
The bad thing: apparently i cannot draw triangles.
The teal ones were supposed to be triangles. I was expecting Venom Teal to be an one-coater and it was not, which kinda complicated things. I purchased it with the 30% off coupon, together with a violet lipstick.
The duochrome effect present in the bottle isn't much visible on the nail, but it's still a magnificent color. For once, they chose a really good name, it's really dark and venom-like, fitting for a Dark Heroine.
I can't wait to try it all over my nails. More of a fall color than a winter one, but in the end who cares, it's awesome. I have a couple of teals, but this is different than any I own.
I was afraid it might be a dupe of the Pupa blue/violet duochrome of the fall LE, but they're actually very different. This is less duochrome-ish (unfortunately) and much more teal-based.
For some weird reason I don't like my nails when they're fully covered by polish...

2 commenti:

  1. Cooosaaa??? O___O
    Non ti piacciono le tue unghie totalmente ricoperte dallo smalto?? O.O
    Comunque lui è uno di quelli che spero sopravvivano fino ai saldi :D

    1. Non le copro mai tutte-tutte, di solito lascio parte della lunetta e i bordini di fianco... sarà l'abitudine ma mi fa pensare a un che di più "pulito", e i bordi così sono facili da aggiustare.
      E si, quello spera che arrivi ai saldi, perché è una meraviglia!