domenica 1 dicembre 2013

Rainbow Challenge day 7, Violet Nails: My very first China Glaze polish!

The Rainbow Challenge ends with something really special for me, my first China Glaze. A brand I've always heard wonders of, and never found before. But a few days ago I went to see Hunger Games 2, and in the mall where there's the cinema I found a small shop for everything nail and hair related, with China Glaze polishes. On sale. The day after I came back and bought the polish I had fallen in love with: Charmed, I'm Sure, from the autumn LE.
A wonderful eggplant purple creme, opaque in 2 coats. Great application. The color is super shiny even without topcoat.
I guess I'll be checking that shop more often, should they get the winter collection I want the snow-effect one.

By the way, today it's the last day when you can use the 30% off promo at Kiko, will you get anything? If I had enough money I'll get the textured polishes set, but I'll settle down for less stuff.

2 commenti:

  1. Io ho acquistato proprio il set dei sugar mat! :)
    Più altri 4 quick dry, visto che erano a 1,90€ cadauno :D
    China Glaze è uno dei miei brand preferiti di sempre :))

    1. Io non vedo l'ora di avere altri CG!
      Oooh avrei tanto voluto prenderlo, ma ho avuto un sussulto di dignità/non posso tornare a casa con altri 8 smalti, e mi sono limitata a uno smalto e a un rossetto...