martedì 15 ottobre 2013

Rainbow Challenge Day 3, Yellow Nails

Or "I had no idea leaves could be so hard to draw" nails. I wanted to do something different besides the usual bees and lemons that happen at day 3, but those falling leaves didn't come out as I expected. It's still a funny mani, imho.
The base is my favourite yellow, Essence's Little Miss Sunrise, now discontinued, and the red is Orly Red Flare. Why is Essence even discontinuing that color, it is so pretty.
Sorry for the short post, I just came back from a Krav Maga lesson and my wrists and arms hurt (along with many other body parts).

2 commenti:

  1. Ma no, secondo me non è venuta fuori poi così malvagia! :)
    Ok, io sono del partito delle api, mi piacciono un sacco, disegnate XD

    1. Grazie! Oh, sono carinissime, comprendo perfettamente xD