sabato 5 ottobre 2013

Essence Sparkle Sand Effect nail polish 163- Hey Nude!

When the OPI Bond Girls collection came out I fell in love with many of its polishes, mainly Pussy Galore and Jinx. So when I found a Kiko polish that was Jinx's dupe, it became mine! (It was Kiko 640).
A dupe of Pussy Galore didn't seem to exist. Until Essence came out with this.
Now, let's be honest, it's not a perfect dupe: Pussy Galore is pinker, Hey Nude is more nude-ish (as you could guess). PG is pearly and has no big glitters, HN does.
However, it's exactly what I wanted: a pink/nude shiny sand effect polish. The glitters are quite big, but it's still an office-friendly shade imho. I love how they reflect the light!
I applied three coats for full coverage. If you want less coats, you might want to use a base, and I wonder how it looks on a pinker base, since it can be quite sheer.
Drying time, as most sand effect polishes, was pretty good.
Side note: if you have very long nails the white part of the nail might still be visible under this polish.

I'm still going to give it an A, well done again, Essence.

2 commenti:

  1. Dovrò correre ad accaparrarmeli, questi sand effect di essence :D
    Io ho PG, ma, come hai detto, è rosa e senza glitter, ma con shimmer dorato. Invece, mi ricorda forse di più Solitaire, anche se quest'ultimo è bianco e senza glitterozzi ^^

    1. Beh, la mia ricerca del dupe era chiaramente una scusa per comprarmi un altro smalto sabbiato xD Fai bene a provarli, io con questo mi ci sono trovata bene!