lunedì 6 maggio 2013

Very Cherry

Although I've been into nail polish for years, I've started buying Essence & Catrice products only later, and I wasn't interested in limited editions. My mistake. Now that I look at the 2012 Fruity LE I find it so beautiful I would buy all its polishes! So maybe it is good, you know, for my money, that it's an old LE.
But this weekend I was shopping with my boyfriend, and there was some old Essence stuff on sale-old bottles of polishes, mostly, so I gave a look at it. And I found this one! I was so happy! My boyfriend told me that "You made the face I make when I see a classic car", and that's probably true.
You probably don't need a review, since it's an old LE and there's plenty of reviews out there, but let me say that this gorgeous pink with miny purple glitters really looks like a fruit smoothie!
It's a bit sheer, so i applied three coats. I love this polish, I was really lucky, since this and the kiwi green one were my favourites of that LE.

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