giovedì 30 maggio 2013

Nail care: Lush Lemony Flutter/Morbidissima

No nail art today, also because the Deborah polish I'm wearing now is proving itself really longlasting, i applied it sunday evening and it's still there, only with minor tipwear signs...and no topcoat!

I'm going to talk about a product I've been using for months: Lush Lemony Flutter, known in Italy as Morbidissima. It really does remind me of butter, and the lemon scent is delicious!

This great cuticle butter is for me an essential: I apply it after having used acetone, and every evening before going to bed, since it's a bit oily... And the morning after, my cuticles are already in a better shape. I would need this even if I wasn't a nail polish junkie, I've always had dry cuticles and hand skin.
 I also keep some of in a tiny Lush jar that used to contain a lip balm and bring it everywhere with me, so i can moisturize my cuticles whenever I feel the need.

I have already used lots of it. It costs around 9 euros, a reasonable price for a 50g jar of product: if you use it only on your cuticles, it's gonna last a lifetime!

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