mercoledì 22 maggio 2013

Sephora Arty Pois goes fluo

So, are you ready for a jump into the '80s?

Coral: Catrice Pimp my Shrimp; Light blue: Pupa 41 (disc.); fluo yellow: YSNY, white base by Kiko.
Over them, Sephora Arty Pois.
Even Sephora jumped in the nail art mania bandwagon... and i'm happy of this, 'cause I love this topcoat.
Apparently a dupe of OPI Black Spotted (and of the Layla topcoats of the same kind), but definitely cheaper. Yeah, despite my past not so good experience with Sephora polishes (great colors, bad formula) I decided to try this.. and wow, am I happy! Just remember, the more topcoat you use, the less spots will leave, so I recommend you to clean the brush a bit before using it on your nail if you want the basecolor to pop out. And don't forget a layer of topcoat afterwards to protect the design.

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