lunedì 27 maggio 2013

Deborah Shine Tech Magnetic 78

I went out for a walk with my boyfriend last saturday, and he brought me to a Deborah store he had found... that was really nice of him!
 I had never been to a Deborah one brand store so it was an interesting opportunity. I found a foundation that seems exactly my skin colour ( it's a miracle!), but I didn't buy it. I bought a couple of polishes that were in a monthly sale basket: a matte polish for 1 euro and a magnetic one for 3. That's some really good prices, considering the quality!
Today I'm showing your the magnetic one...

I picked up this because it seemed amazing in the bottle: not the standard magnetic =metallic polish, but rather a grey with green/light blue shimmer. It would be gorgeous to use even without the magnetic effect!
It's a bit sheer, but it does its job really well, and due to the green shimmer it's like having dragon scales on my nails!

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