mercoledì 13 agosto 2014

Holiday Haul

Woah, long time no write! But I really needed some holiday time, and I spent quite some time away from the computer. I spent a few days in London with my boyfriend, then a few days at his parents'.

Annd, this is what I got, make up-wise.
The MUFE Aqua Cream n 23, a green with golden shimmer, was purchased in a Sephora store in northern Italy. That store had so much stuff, compared to the ones where I usually go, that I didn't know where to start, especially due to the sales. The Aqua Cream was in fact on sale, for little more than 10 euros.
I've already worn it during a very long and hot train trip and it didn't smudge or fade. Perfection.
I've been in love with that Essence eyebrow set since I saw it on the website, disappointed by the fact that they didn't sell it in Italy. They do sell it in Slovenia, and during a trip to Qlandia (yes, the same mall where Aly from Maisenzasmalto went once) I just had to get it. I'm really satisfied, it's exactly what I needed.

But the Lond purchases, well, they're even more interesting. The Kryolan UV lipstick in blue is utter perfection, even if it needs retouching more often than a regular lipstick because, well, it's blue, so it's quite an unnatural color and mistakes are far easier to detect. Mixed with reds it will make great violets and purples. I already have a black and a white, with this blue I will be able to make so many pretty shades!
And it's pretty awesome all by itself.
The Sugarpill Charlotte eyelashes..ah, so splendid! Bought at Cyberdog with the Kryolan lipstick, since they were out of stock of the Heart Breaker palette (it will be mine, sooner or later *evil grin*), because I really wanted some Sugarpill for once. I haven't worn them yet but they're sooo pretty!
And finally, something I've been wanting for a long time! An OCC lip tar! Bought this in that labyritnth called Selfridges, in the shade Black Metal Dahlia. At least I think, there's no color indication over it.
Extremely pigmented and requires some time and patience to get it right, but it's worth the effort.
I have a thing for matte purple/violet lips, what can I say? This is why I got this MUA velvet lips in Kooky. And the quality, man, the quality! If you give it time do dry properly, it resists even a full meal. Really it's extremely long lasting and not lip drying at all!

That's all for now, no nailpolishes since they're not allowed in Ryanair flights.

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