lunedì 25 agosto 2014

Wjcon 215

I had planned a longer post about another polish, but my fingers hurt ( too much thesis writing) so for this time I'll do a small review of a Wjcon polish I got. It was on sale and it was tempting, I am in an autumn mood and it seemed really like a beautiful shade of grey.

The finish is hard to describe, like a foil but very, very sheer. This is three coats.
The color is a grey with micro green and purple sparkles. Alas, I was fooled by the lights in the store and thought the blue undertones were stronger. It does shine beautifully under sunlight, and its sheerness could make it good for layering. It kinda looks like a cloud's grey.
Still, there's something that disappoints me about it., even if I am not sure of what it could be yet.
Quality is good so far, 4 days and some minor tipwear.

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