giovedì 31 luglio 2014

Two weeks after midnight

This title ended better than I expected! Anyway, I haven't posted much lately because between my thesis, the time staying at my parents, my other relatives.. the time for nail polish was definitely not enough!
So I did an experiment: I wore Essence Midnight Date + City That Never Sleeps...for almost two weeks:

Yes, there is some serious chipping on my index finger, surely. But overall, it all lasted way better than I expected! The beach damage has been minimal because the rain (and the study) allowed me 2 days at the beach. And I am glad because I'm easily bored by it..
Another thing that delayed my polish habit is the fact that next week I will be on holidays, as in, real, no computer holidays. I will also be in London for a few days! I will try to make a pre-London post, and surely an after-London haul post when I come back!
Have fun you all!

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    1. Della serie, meglio tardi che mai..sì, è durato molto più di quanto mi sarei aspettata!