sabato 9 novembre 2013

Rainbow Challenge day 5, Blue Nails

I had almost lost all hope to find those Maybelline Polka Dots polishes, so when I found them in a Limoni store I got the black and white one and this one, 196 Shooting Stars. It's basically black and white hex-shaped glitter (in different sizes) in a blue base. It doesn't need a blue base to stand out, but it would surely look better with a topcoat.
I can only do simple decors, so I did an accent nail using Kiko 294 as base. With a blue base everything looks, well, blue-er (wow, a top description) while 196SS alone has some greenish undertones. It reminds me of the sea.
It's a polish I definitely recommend. I used three coats and it dried perfectly in a short time... It's one of those polishes that don't require many attentions but create a very interesting effect.

2 commenti:

  1. Mi piace, volevo acquistarlo ma quando l'ho visto da coin a qualcosa come 7€ ho passato a cuor leggero! :D

    1. Si, capisco perfettamente xD Io l'ho preso per 3 euro da Limoni. 3 euro si può fare.